Protection of individuals

One of the most important vectors for the development of our security agency is physical security. Basically, we provide our security services to individuals and their families. Our customers can be calm for personal safety and security. Our highly qualified specialists masterfully possess all the characteristics of weapons and the majority of melee combat skills. And these skills, as you know, are indispensable in protecting and solving problems of a high level of complexity. We believe that personal protection is the most responsible and time-consuming task, requiring maximum professionalism and extensive experience in the field of security. Therefore, in this type of service we strive to attract the best specialists to our business. Our security company has a special training center, where the spiritual values, education level and decency are checked, which allows to avoid any complications of a psychological nature.


Physical security of facilities

One of ALFA PREMIUM GROUP's priorities is the protection and maintenance of internal and throughput regimes in different categories of areas - private property, manufacturing enterprises, shops and banks. Such security service, as well as the physical protection of facilities, is carried out by specially trained, verified and trained personnel aged 20-40 years who served in the police and armed forces. Protection and patrolling of facilities are monitored by employees with extensive experience in security agencies.


Cargo tracking and security services

It's no secret that in the case of transportation of things and goods, many unforeseen problems often arise. Such, of course, include, for example, the vulnerability of transported goods for all types of damage from traffic. Add here the potential theft of important documents or things. Proceeding from all this, escort agency security services are among the most popular in the market. ALFA PREMIUM GROUP is ready to guarantee the safety of your goods and accompanying persons throughout Ukraine. Our employees are equipped with means of active defense, transport and communications. They have extensive experience in supporting cargo of any complexity and are prepared for abnormal situations.


Detective services of security company

In addition to private security services, our services are also offered by our experienced private detectives. This division of security company ALFA PREMIUM GROUP works in the best traditions of professional detective skills and controls all items of detective code. Employees of the department have professional knowledge in the field of search and criminalistics, have extensive experience in the criminal investigation department, the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the tax police. Our security company provides detective services to individuals and organizations in various fields of activity, providing the client with only real and up-to-date information.



Monitoring is an effective means of protecting houses, apartments, cottages, cottages and office spaces from intruders, fires, all kinds of compartment compartments and other technical accidents using modern alarm systems. The probability of the occurrence of deficiencies of any kind is reduced to zero. Also worth noting is the fact that such protection of objects will cost you much cheaper than physical.

To date, the security company ALFA PREMIUM GROUP is preparing a full range of services for the client in this area:


Armored cars in security company

Convenient fortress on wheels

In the modern world, the availability and use of an armored car for a VIP or businessman has become not a luxury, but a necessary reality. Today, security is one of the main tasks for intelligent people. Now the market offers all types of car booking, but the quality and reliability of our company remains a priority for our company.

Security company "Alpha Premium Group"


Technical Security Systems