Monitoring is an effective means of protecting houses, apartments, cottages, cottages and office spaces from intruders, fires, all kinds of compartment compartments and other technical accidents using modern alarm systems. The probability of the occurrence of deficiencies of any kind is reduced to zero. Also worth noting is the fact that such protection of objects will cost you much cheaper than physical.

To date, the security company ALFA PREMIUM GROUP is preparing a full range of services for the client in this area:

Expertise of the facility and preparation of cost estimates for installation and maintenance of technical protection equipment.
Installation of alarm systems, audio and video intercoms, tracking systems, as well as automatic means of protection of any complexity (fire-extinguishing systems, blocking doors, water and gas supply, smoke removal, pyroclamation of tear gas, etc.).
Remote protection of objects in which the alarm goes to a specialized processing center. Based on the specifics of the selected service package, the rapid response team is immediately sent to the facility, or information is delivered to the client via the common message channels previously provided for these purposes, using the selected communication facilities. In the latter case, the operating protection.
ALFA PREMIUM GROUP has a unique technical base, equipment and effective monitoring and response systems to protect objects of any complexity. The modern fire and burglar alarm system is a complex system of sensors whose alarms are sent to the console via a telephone cable or via a radio signal. As a rule, the signal is duplicated on both channels, which reduces the probability of error to a minimum. In addition to the fact that such systems of protection of objects, to which you can access all other events, there is also the possibility to centrally distinguish the movement of animals from people. Even if there is a failure in elitism, this will not be an obstacle to the continuous and uninterrupted operation of our alarm system. It, among other things, is also equipped with an independent uninterruptible power supply. Thus, the stability of the security system is guaranteed at any time of the day, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The protection of the panel is an important element in the security system of your enterprise. To get acquainted with the conditions of panel protection, please call: +38 (044) 278-01-16.

Professional protection of objects is a very complex and nontrivial process. It is necessary to individually consider each seized room that needs protection. Specialists of our security company will easily analyze all the subtle points of protection of a potential facility and set up the only reliable reliable security system. We always work in the shortest time and know our business well. Target Professionals! + 38 (044) 221-76-75