Detective services of security company

In addition to private security services, our services are also offered by our experienced private detectives. This division of security company ALFA PREMIUM GROUP works in the best traditions of professional detective skills and controls all items of detective code. Employees of the department have professional knowledge in the field of search and criminalistics, have extensive experience in the criminal investigation department, the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the tax police. Our security company provides detective services to individuals and organizations in various fields of activity, providing the client with only real and up-to-date information.

The range of activities of the unit covers a wide range of issues:

Financial investigations
Preparation of business inquiries about the activities of banks, insurance companies. Check of solvency of the companies.
Market research, information gathering for business negotiations.
Protection of the trademark, collection of information on competitors and clandestine manufacturers, investigation of fraud.
Corporate investigations and control of personnel. Checking employees for loyalty. Maintenance systems, such as video surveillance and sound recording.
Search for missing people and debtors.
Search for witnesses of accidents, road accidents, verification of alibi.
Collection of information about a person, secret protection and escort of individuals. Establishment of his contacts and surroundings, places of residence.
Conducting forensic examinations, issuing of official opinions.
The above detective services are not a complete list of our specialists. If you think or are sure that something is threatening you, your family or business – call us and private detectives ALFA PREMIUM GROUP, quickly carry out an analysis of the situation and take the necessary coordinated measures. Our security company has a large information base, the necessary equipment, we work in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and work closely with judicial and law enforcement agencies. The protective firm ALFA PREMIUM GROUP takes care of its reputation – maintaining confidentiality of client information, protecting and prioritizing its interests – is an unshakable rule and the basis of our work.