CCTV systems: video surveillance

CCTV systems – this is perhaps the most effective and inexpensive way to protect the object and its surrounding area. As the statistics show, sometimes it is enough for an attacker to see CCTV cameras to abandon their plans. In addition to video control, modern video surveillance systems allow you to record video on all cameras around the clock, and the video surveillance user has a complete picture of the events occurring in his absence.

Another positive point: the video surveillance system allows you to monitor children left at home, visitors and employees of the supermarket. The staff, knowing about the existing tracking system, works more efficiently and efficiently. In our arsenal, only expanded monitoring of surveillance from leading suppliers is used.

The main elements of the video surveillance system are:

Doorphones are the simplest devices installed in offices, houses and apartments.
Camcorders – Compact USB cameras with a resolution of up to 3 megapixels and various data rates.
Video monitors.
Receiving equipment is usually a video capture card for a personal computer and digital recorders, devices that allow you to permanently record an image on a hard disk or store it in the device’s memory.
There are several ways to install surveillance cameras: secretive when the camera is installed in the wall, and only a tiny part of the lens and the installation of video sensors built into a conventional detector. Thus, the alarm system is simultaneously a video surveillance system. Of course, the first way is much more time-consuming and expensive.

Operators in the central console provide continuous monitoring and instantly respond to an emergency. Our security company uses only high-quality equipment. You can always count on the actions of our employees and the confidentiality of information.