Access control and security systems

Each owner and manager seeks to ensure maximum security for his company, ensure the security of property, improve discipline and control the entry and presence in the premises of customers and employees. Protection of the enterprise with the use of security alarm systems, providing access control from the relay, allows to solve all these problems. Modern intelligent access systems are designed for objects of different purposes and possess the qualities of ideal protection. They are almost invisible in the work, they are not mistaken, they clearly record events and provide access to any complexity. The main components of the system are:

An electric lock that can act as a conventional electric latch or a powerful electromagnetic lock.
Electronic key, which is a plastic card with an individual code. With the help of such cards, differentiated control of personnel access to the premises of the facility is provided.
Information readers are devices that provide instant information about the identity of the cardholder and the level of access to the premises of the facility.
Controllers are the brain of the system. In their memory, all data about employees and customers is stored. When the card is provided to the reader, the system compares the information on the card with the information found in the controller, and decides whether to grant access to the cardholder.
Blocking devices are primarily turnstiles of various configurations, which are installed in places of maximum congestion of people, wickets and fences. Protection of the enterprise with the help of barrier devices provides reliable protection against unauthorized penetration, and also allows to regulate the throughput at the entrance.
Software – provides maintenance of database on events, employees and visitors, fixes their time of stay indoors, mode of operation. The system allows you to generate a report for any query (number of visitors, late arrivals, etc.).
The access and video surveillance devices, fire and security alarms are an integrated security system. Our experts have experience installing systems of any complexity and are ready to help you understand their diversity and make the right decision when choosing the right equipment.