Security alarm

The burglar alarm system, or more precisely the burglar alarm system, is designed to prevent and detect unauthorized entry into the room and is a complex of technical devices, the main components of which are detectors (detectors) and a console hub. A modern security alarm system monitors and notifies about the destruction of windows, ceilings, walls, opening windows and moving people inside the premises. Typically, alarms and complex security systems are used in combination with other devices that increase its efficiency, such as a video surveillance system or devices that provide access control to an object. Our company also carries out alarm installation. The security alarm system allows you to preserve the health and lives of people susceptible to attack, as well as the integrity of the property in the company or at home.

Our security company offers two types of connection – with the work in the offline mode and with connection to the centralized security panel (console protection). In the first case, the signal from the sensor of the detector goes to the sound and light device (siren), as well as to the telephone numbers indicated by the owner. The alarm system, connected to the centralized control panel, ensures high efficiency. The alarm system sends a signal from the hub of the facility at any time of the day via a dedicated telephone line or through a mobile GSM-communicator, and then the signal goes to the console. When an alarm signal is received, the exact information on the incident is displayed on the console, and the corresponding team of specialists is immediately sent to the object.

Here you can get a qualified consultation on the installation of security alarm for objects of any complexity, and the installation of alarms is also included in the consulting services. Taking into account your wishes and possibilities, our security company will offer the best protection, install emergency and connecting equipment, as well as provide equipment maintenance.