Fire alarm

Fire is one of the most unpleasant disasters that cause material damage in large numbers, which is why the question of how to uncover the source of fire in time and its seriousness is at the first position on the security list. The fire alarm designed for protection is a full range of technical and technological means intended for the timely detection of a fire, the processing of this signal and its transfer to a centralized guard. The next steps are the insulation of the premises, to which the fire has come, and the start-up of all automatic means, property for extinguishing the fire.

In the fire system, this is our security agency.

They have the following types in accordance with the principle of operation:

In the manual mode, such detectors operate on the principle of “breaking the seal – the button is pressed”.
Thermal, they work under the condition that the set temperature is reached in the room, or it is found that the time increases the temperature.
Smoke (most often optical) – such detectors are based on the principle of reflection of smoke from a signal supplied from an infrared emitter.
Light, they determine the presence of open fire by the active radiation analysis method.
The use of various factors depends on the case when cases are established, how high the requirements for fire safety are. All these requirements are hired by experts who are involved in the development of a security system.

The security agency ALFA PREMIUM GROUP is ready to perform a complex of services on fire safety of the facility in any volumes. We can provide fire safety at any facility, both in the factory and in a small office:

Full comprehensive review and analysis of the situation on the site, as well as further coordination with the client of the activities to be undertaken at the site;
Designing a fire protection system.
Our specialists will perform the installation, adjustment of the installed equipment and further maintenance.
If you have already installed a fire protection system, our specialists modernize it.
Our security agency recommends combining security, fire alarm and video surveillance in one complex with one connection to the security system.