Cargo tracking and security services

It’s no secret that in the case of transportation of things and goods, many unforeseen problems often arise. Such, of course, include, for example, the vulnerability of transported goods for all types of damage from traffic. Add here the potential theft of important documents or things. Proceeding from all this, escort agency security services are among the most popular in the market. ALFA PREMIUM GROUP is ready to guarantee the safety of your goods and accompanying persons throughout Ukraine. Our employees are equipped with means of active defense, transport and communications. They have extensive experience in supporting cargo of any complexity and are prepared for abnormal situations.

Cargo protection is provided by the company as a set of services:

Adoption of order and development of the safest and optimal route.
Assessment of risk factors for goods transported. Coordination with the client, for example, arming our employees.
Acceptance for protection of the object of transportation from the accompanying person and transfer to the receiving party in accordance with the law.
Protection during transportation. Necessary coordination of issues and interaction with the units of SAIs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, road transport authorities and customs.
Cargo insurance and our responsibility in case of damage to it as a result of accidents or illegal actions of third parties.
Preservation of confidentiality about cargo and route.

At the request of the client, our security company provides information on the operating situation in the cargo area and determines the optimal number of security guards. When transporting goods, the guard may be near the driver or follow the client’s transport in an escort vehicle. In the latter case, we are developing a manual for the driver of the main transport, a clear scheme of stops and danger signals. Radio communication with all objects of the column is provided.

Depending on the specifics and activities of your enterprise, the service is supported both by a one-time and a long-term contract.