Armored cars in security company

Convenient fortress on wheels

In the modern world, the availability and use of an armored car for a VIP or businessman has become not a luxury, but a necessary reality. Today, security is one of the main tasks for intelligent people. Now the market offers all types of car booking, but the quality and reliability of our company remains a priority for our company.

Security company “Alpha Premium Group”

This is the Ukrainian contract partner of the world famous German armored vehicle manufacturer – Trasco Bremen GmbH, which has been operating since 1983 and is one of the world’s top ten armored vehicles companies.

Trasco Bremen has won thousands of customers around the world and has produced more than 2,500 armored vehicles.
The current armored car looks almost indistinguishable from the usual, although the level of protection is not inferior to military equipment. We offer armored cars as an award for celebrities and politicians, as well as SUVs and buses to ensure the safety and protection of personnel and valuables.

Armored sedans and limousines – the choice of presidents and VIP.

A well-known leader of booking – luxury sedans and limousines for VIP-persons based on Mercedes or Audi. The brand of armored cars Trasco is a favorite choice of presidents of most countries, including Ukraine.

The first persons of the state, according to the protocol, switch to armored vehicles with an escort of several armored sedans and SUVs. I would like to note that the heads of many states, heads of government organizations, ministries and corporations go to armored cars Trasco Bremen, which indicates a high level of confidence in this company.

The advantage of booking Trasco is that the customer can pick up and order the configuration of the car (for example, a four-wheel drive or a sliding armor of armored armor) and a combination of the necessary safety parameters, rather than choose from a ready one.


How do they armor cars?

During the factory booking in Bremen, a welded armored capsule is built directly into the body of the car, providing a solid ballistic protection of 360 °. It was originally designed, 3D simulated and tested all the elements of the gain and adapted to the increased mass of the machine.

Due to the possibility of using composite materials, the advantage of booking is undoubtedly the optimal weight of the car. All special cars are equipped with a ballistic overlapping system, and not a “butt joint”, which prevents the penetration of bullets at different angles, especially in welds and in joints made of glass and steel, doorways, locks, mirrors, etc.

In each door is built the armored steel frame to counter multipoint shooting and blast wave.

As a transparent armor, curved glass with a punch and a fragment is used, laminated with polycarbonate of various thickness, which provides protection against several impacts and does not stain, is checked in accordance with the European standard EN 1063 B6. There are also several levels of car booking in accordance with the European standard of VPAM, which depend on the desired level of protection.

To date, there are 5 levels of protection. Cars in security firms are mostly reserved for levels 6, 7 and 9. Level 9 rescues from shots from a sniper rifle. Particular attention is paid to the strengthening of running and brake systems, bullet-proof wheels, the protection of tanks and casings from fire, as well as an additional set of safety and comfort features that can include oxygen cylinders and a detector of installed bombs, intercoms, etc.

What do we offer?

Security company Alfa Premium Group offers several options – to purchase a ready car from a warehouse, order a brand new car or provide a car for a client to reserve and install additional security options.

In the near future, you can rent an armored car. These can be armored cars based on the Mercedes S500L, S63 AMG 4M, S600L, G63 AMG, Lexus LX 570, Toyota LC 200, Chevrolet Suburban 2500.

Trasco Bremen also provides 2 years. warranty and maintenance of all sold armored vehicles in Ukraine. Recent trials of Trasco Bremen in shooting and explosives, including fully prepared armored vehicles, as well as TÜV, provide the basis for confidence in your better ballistic protection.