Physical security of facilities

One of ALFA PREMIUM GROUP’s priorities is the protection and maintenance of internal and throughput regimes in different categories of areas – private property, manufacturing enterprises, shops and banks. Such security service, as well as the physical protection of facilities, is carried out by specially trained, verified and trained personnel aged 20-40 years who served in the police and armed forces. Protection and patrolling of facilities are monitored by employees with extensive experience in security agencies.

Employees, depending on the specifics of the facility and the requirements of the client, are officially registered gunshot and pneumatic weapons, special means (handcuffs, batons, radio communication) and equipment.

The protection of an object for us is the fulfillment of a number of tasks:

The analysis of the vulnerability of the object, possible threats, the development of a security plan, the selection of the best technical means (video surveillance, signaling and communication systems).
Ensuring the safety of property and material values of the client.
Compliance with the access control regime, site protection and patrolling of the territory.
Professional work on the installation and maintenance of safety equipment (video surveillance and alarm systems, devices that provide access control)
Perform other tasks assigned by the client.
Our company can implement the following types of security services:

Protection of banking institutions, office premises, factories, factories, business centers;
Conducting comprehensive security measures on temporary construction sites and on certain specialized facilities;
Protection of persons who are employees of any wholesale or retail networks;
Protection of private country houses, villas, cottages, etc.