Fire alarm

Fire is one of the most unpleasant disasters that cause material damage in large numbers, which is why the question of how to uncover the source of fire in time and its seriousness is at the first position on the security list. The fire alarm designed for protection is a full range of technical and technological means intended for the timely detection of a fire, the processing of this signal and its transfer to a centralized guard. The next steps are the insulation of the premises, to which the fire has come, and the start-up of all automatic means, property for extinguishing the fire.

In the fire system, this is our security agency.


Access control and security systems

Each owner and manager seeks to ensure maximum security for his company, ensure the security of property, improve discipline and control the entry and presence in the premises of customers and employees. Protection of the enterprise with the use of security alarm systems, providing access control from the relay, allows to solve all these problems. Modern intelligent access systems are designed for objects of different purposes and possess the qualities of ideal protection. They are almost invisible in the work, they are not mistaken, they clearly record events and provide access to any complexity. The main components of the system are:


Security Systems and Satellite TV

One of the directions of our activity aimed at the mass consumer is the installation and maintenance of security systems - satellite television. ALFA PREMIUM GROUP security company quickly and skillfully installs high-quality equipment for receiving television programs from around the world and is suitable for security systems of any complexity.


Security alarm

The burglar alarm system, or more precisely the burglar alarm system, is designed to prevent and detect unauthorized entry into the room and is a complex of technical devices, the main components of which are detectors (detectors) and a console hub. A modern security alarm system monitors and notifies about the destruction of windows, ceilings, walls, opening windows and moving people inside the premises. Typically, alarms and complex security systems are used in combination with other devices that increase its efficiency, such as a video surveillance system or devices that provide access control to an object. Our company also carries out alarm installation. The security alarm system allows you to preserve the health and lives of people susceptible to attack, as well as the integrity of the property in the company or at home.


CCTV systems: video surveillance

CCTV systems - this is perhaps the most effective and inexpensive way to protect the object and its surrounding area. As the statistics show, sometimes it is enough for an attacker to see CCTV cameras to abandon their plans. In addition to video control, modern video surveillance systems allow you to record video on all cameras around the clock, and the video surveillance user has a complete picture of the events occurring in his absence.

Another positive point: the video surveillance system allows you to monitor children left at home, visitors and employees of the supermarket. The staff, knowing about the existing tracking system, works more efficiently and efficiently. In our arsenal, only expanded monitoring of surveillance from leading suppliers is used.