Protection of individuals

One of the most important vectors for the development of our security agency is physical security. Basically, we provide our security services to individuals and their families. Our customers can be calm for personal safety and security. Our highly qualified specialists masterfully possess all the characteristics of weapons and the majority of melee combat skills. And these skills, as you know, are indispensable in protecting and solving problems of a high level of complexity. We believe that personal protection is the most responsible and time-consuming task, requiring maximum professionalism and extensive experience in the field of security. Therefore, in this type of service we strive to attract the best specialists to our business. Our security company has a special training center, where the spiritual values, education level and decency are checked, which allows to avoid any complications of a psychological nature.

For us, the protection of people is first and foremost a necessity:

protect the client from conflict situations, take measures to prevent them;
quickly and professionally eliminate possible incidents;
in case of real danger, ensure reliable coverage and evacuation and, if necessary, actively and resolutely apply countermeasures.
The protection of ALFA PREMIUM GROUP takes into account the specifics of the client’s activities, his family members and can adopt a different style – from soft, when bodyguards become invisible in the environment and, perhaps, even the most protected, hard and decisive – obvious, clearly in order to scare away and prevent a dangerous situation . Protection and escort of individuals may include several levels of protection. In addition, we also guarantee their technical support (detection and penetration systems, armored vehicles, explosive device detectors). Bodyguards are provided with information on the alleged threat, the characteristics of possible ill-wishers, and obstacles on the route. This entire complex allows us to efficiently and professionally perform our work and provide us with the most valuable – the safety of the client.

Based on the requirements of the situation, and at the request of the client, the uniform of our employees can be militarized with branded logos or civil ones. Our specialists are equipped with service weapons, special communication and personal protective equipment (bullet-proof vests).